Style Wingman eCommerce Web App


My Role

As the product, interface, and experience designer I had my hand in creating and conceptualizing this web app from the ground up. I lead the Art Direction and overall visual identity to seamlessly compliment the user experience and ensure optimum usability and functionality.

Project Overview

Style Wingman is an eCommerce Web App that is currently in the initial funding stages. Prior to pitching the product, the CEO wanted to hammer out the UI/UX of the main functionalities so that a useable prototype could be sent to potential investors.



User Experience & Information Architecture

Decision Tree for an individual User Persona

Example of Process Flow of the main functions of the widget



One of the initial user flow diagram created 

Design & Development Process Roadmap to keep us all on the same page!


User Interface & Identity Design

The product needed to be appealing to fashion conscious, time valuing, and tech-savvy males and females. I kept the aesthetic minimal, bold, and clean in order to appeal to a wide variety of people. Initially it was a challenge to figure out the design specs, limitations and functionalities that could be responsive to any device or platform. The head front end developer and I built mobile first, based on a responsive grid. 

Examples of Mobile UI showcased below



Samples of UI elements in Brand Style Guide

Using Format