EveryPerk Website Design



Like any other UI/UX work, before I design I sketch layouts. I usually start with pen and paper and finalize in illustrator; the method depends on the project. 

There was a lot of content to incorporate into EveryPerk's website design, and establishing hierarchy was key. Organizing through wireframes allowed me to design in a modular way. That framework established consistency throughout the website and helped manage the amount of content methodically.  


UI/UX Design

EveryPerk's users are businesses that care, and the employees they care about. Looking at competitor websites, they had a clean aesthetic, but lacked the personal, friendly feel. Everyperk aims to bridge the gap between corporation and employee-- to create that connection.

Everyperk rewards are fun, personalized, and unique to the company and its employees.  To reflect that personal spirit, I designed custom vector and hand drawn illustrations used throughout the website (as well as infographics, graphics, buttons).  This gave life and depth to the design and overall art direction.



Using Format